Rise & Shine Breakfast

This package MUST be ordered 72 hours in ADVANCE: Items to be cooked at camp: 1 dozen Eggs, 1 lb Applewood Bacon, 4-pack freshly baked croissants, Golden Valley Farms Organic coffee, French press & fixings
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Commemorative Growler Pack - Sangria

64 oz Growler filled with house Sangria flavors from Slopeside, Pair of signature mason jars and an iced bucket

Yeti Mountain Campsite

Tucked away just off the ski trails of Blue Mountain Resort, our campsites provide seclusion and breathtaking views of the Pocono Mountains. Upon arrival, our Camp Keeper will meet and greet you, load your belongings into an ATV and drive you to your home away from home. After you settle in, you and your guests can explore a variety of activities available at the mountain and customize your camping experience to make it truly unique.

Little Gap Trailside Camp

With all the distractions of modern technology it’s getting harder to have a good conversation. But without the interruption of televisions, phones, and iPads you can gather your favorite people together or as romantic couple and enjoy chatting, laughing and playing with one another. No screens necessary. The accommodations have all the comforts of home with views that go on for miles.