Beginner Lesson- 1st Person Ski

This is a Family & Friends beginner ski lesson for 1 person. To add additional family members or friends into your lesson, please use the "Add Skier- Beginner Lesson" or "Add Snowboarder- Beginner Lesson" product that appears when you select "Add to Cart".
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Add Skier- Beginner Lesson

Please purchase this product when adding an additional skier into your Family & Friends Beginner Lesson. You will be able to stay in the same lesson regardless of whether you choose to ski or snowboard.

Helmet Only

Need just a helmet? We have you covered. Rent a helmet but itself or add it to your rental package for the day.

8 Hour Lift Ticket (Start at Anytime)

Valid for 8 hours on your selected day. Your 8 hours will begin at your first scan at the lift. Your ticket will be valid for 8 consecutive hours after your first scan.
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4 Hour Afternoon Lift Ticket (Must Start Between Noon and 3pm)

This lift ticket will be valid for 4 consecutive hours after your first scan. Your first scan at the lift must be made between Noon and 3pm.
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